We believe in the importance of ‘terroir', indigenous grapes, diversity and organic viticulture.
Above all, wines of character. We champion small, independent winemakers, the hardy souls
who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.
The biological and biodynamic choice as an approach to viticulture and philosophy of life,
understanding of what a territory can express through the valorization of its biodiversity, the
culture of wine through taste and senses.

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    Our wine, born from the hilly slopes, reflects the peasant culture in ancient traditions of grape care and vinification. The anticipation and attention precede the pleasure of tasting the wine, with an intense ruby hue as a result of our commitment. Galileo’s metaphor on water and light completes our philosophy.


    The Muto family, deeply rooted in cultivating Greco di Tufo above ancient sulfur mines, sees Angelo, the third generation, personally tending to the five hectares of vineyards. His Miniere ’16, with rocky and intense sulfur notes, and the Torrefavale ’16, uniquely flavorful, savory, and vibrant, deserve the Three Glasses for their infinite finish.


    Cantina del Barone, in Cesinali, stems from the century-old agricultural heritage of the Sarno family. In the nineties, Antonio Sarno becomes the owner, maintaining the diligent connection with volcanic, mineral-rich lands, exposed to the south and influenced by Monte Terminio and Monte Partenio. In this exceptional context, Fiano finds its ideal habitat.


    Tenuta Sant'Agostino, established in 2013 by Carlo Ceparano, has him personally overseeing all production processes – from cultivation and pruning to harvest and selection of the best grapes. The estate exclusively vinifies its own grapes, aiming to bring ancient aromas to the glass by vinifying the family's historic grape varieties in purity while adhering to the principles of organic farming.